Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brick City Betties

Most of the time when one thinks about pin up girls they think of flashy vintage style pin up girl models. However, as of recently one activity of classic pin up girls seems be abandoned. This activity was raising moral and volunteering service during the nineteen forties, while their husbands and boyfriends were away at war. While most the current pin up models that I know maintain the classic style of the vintage models, volunteering seems to have been discarded and exchanged for the possibility to party. While this isn't the case with every single pin up model or group, from what little that I've seen superficially, it has. This isn't fault of the models themselves, it's merely a by product of society moving so far away from that vintage sensibility. Culture and time has changed so greatly that a pin up group which is about volunteering more then status seems almost unheard of. Fortunately, in the art deco vintage city of Ocala, Florida this sensibility is reemerging with the Brick City Betties. Ocala Florida, to the uninitiated, was the secondary Hollywood at one point. Whenever a tropical or exotic location was needed outside of California, Ocala was utilized. Such films as Rebel Without a Cause and Creature From the Black Lagoon were filmed in this part of the country. There's still a thumb print of the 1940s on the city of Ocala, which is the perfect backdrop for the Brick City Betties to thrive in. A group of gorgeous models who spend more of their time volunteering then doing photoshoots. Mind you this doesn't mean they don't pose for the occasional picture, although its not their priority.  The Brick City Betties are like lipstick clad super heroes who try to bring a classy mentality to a jaded age. Don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself. 
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