Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barbra Hughes

   I was fortunate enough to have Barbra as a featured artist at N3RD NIGHT, her energetic art fit in with the art extremely well. Her art has a pop style to it that reminds me of Pollock but has much more structure and purpose then his works. Some of the art is geometric but regardless of the structure, all of her pieces have a magnetic energy that just makes you feel so great by simply looking at them. A lot of artists pour themselves into their work, and with Barbara it's no exception. All of her paintings are filled with personality and joy that just radiates off the canvas. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wayward Traders

Dennis Hansbury and Destiny Harding Make up Wayward Traders. They are quite they dynamic duo of artists. Between the two of them, they work as one to create some of the most interesting takes of popular characters or brand new creations. They don't limit themselves to purely making 2D art, they do everything from small plush characters to vinyl decals. I must  say that their take on the Slender Man logo is very imaginative.  They recently had art at a Zelda art show, their pieces brought out the folk art spirt of the Nintendo franchise.
       Wayward Traders has a little bit of everything in a way that you've never seen before. What I enjoy the most from Wayward Traders is that everything they make has a sense of warmth and compassion, even their skulltula piece had a vulnerability and warmth to it, maybe it was because it was made out of the skin that their tarantula shed, this fact gave the piece a sense of life that most sculptures try to obtain.  Wayward Traders seem like they should be selling vials mana to go with their art, since they have an organic fantasy vibe and I love everything about that.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hex and Michael Orr

Is there anything that HEX can't do? Not only does he DJ for N3RD NIGHT, he  runs his own massive music festival called NERDAPALOOZA, not to mention he also manages to make time to make his own video game inspired art. What I love about his pearler beads is the fact that they are so detailed. They're like a large touchable screen capture of your favorite video games. His pearlers range from 8bit to 16bit and on the occasion he comes up with random mashups that are both surprising and extremely entertaining. You can't help but to smile when you see DC characters made to look like Mega Man bosses. Hex is extremely, and you can tell just by looking at his art, that this is a man who is very passionate about video games. 

So how many times can the Batman logo be reproduced? This might seem like a rhetorical question, however if you've paid attention to pop culture within the last 30 years (or longer) you might noticed that logo has in fact been reproduced and plastered over everything you could imagine, turning it into something beyond just merely a comic book character. Michael Orr went the Andy Warhol path with his take on the logo, and the result is an amazing take on a cultural icon. Michael dissects, zooms into, splatters, and does various other things with the logo and plays with the cultural reproduction. Is it obsession or is it a commentary? Either way what he does is truly visually striking, you can tell that he puts a lot of work into what he does. Along with his Batman logos he also does his version of  some characters from Adventure Time and Teen Titans. If you get a chance check out his stuff!

Friday, July 6, 2012

B. Renee Fine Art

I discovered a very interesting artist through AAL365...B.Renee. Her delicate style has a subtle embrace and truly evokes gentle emotions. Her paintings range from various types of landscapes and emerge onto the canvas like a dream slowly coming into existence. I'm very fond of her color selection and the wispy silhouettes of distant skylines. The warm cozy feeling that her pictures gives me invites me to continue to look at every corner of the painting consuming me and waking up my imagination as I transcend into her dream world. When you get a chance take a look at her wonderful art. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nannette Cherry, Cake,Rebecca Rose

You are not tripping, or are you? Nannette's work is distorted reality at it's best. As I was going through her pictures I began to question my own sanity. Her pictures are amazing, she takes normal human faces and distorts and twists them until the human is no longer present. She has a knack for making us humans look alien and bizarre...in all reality is she distorting the human form or simply bringing out the true nature? I adore Nannette's work, as long as there are people in the world then there will be art for Nannette to create. 

If you've live in Orlando for at least 3 years it would be nearly impossible for you not to run into Cake. However you might not even realize it. Cake is a rock star in the Orlando art scene, not only does his art have a nice glossy look with a stark contrast of something grotesque, but he also makes quite a presence in person. Even though I have yet to meet this man in person His classy appearance is hard to miss.  What I love about Cake's art is that it's always a surprise. I consider it calculated chaos, if you haven't looked at his  art yet I highly recommend that you do so. 

When I'm painting I'm rough and sometimes I just don't care, if colors bleed or run that's just how I am. So to be honest I really have to hand it to Rebecca Rose for having nerves of steel. She crafts some of the most intricate rings that I've ever seen. How she does it, I'm not entirely sure. Each ring has a personality and immense detail. You don't have to be a jewelry fanatic to appreciate her rings. She has such rings as a full on miniature wedding cake complete with bride and groom,  one that was a full on city skyline complete with King Kong, I could go on and on but my descriptions don't do it justice I recommend that you take a look at her rings. You'll be impressed.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Karen Russell Bryan Carson Morgan Wilson

One of the reasons why I like different kinds of art so much, is because each artist perceives the world differently then the next one. Karen Russell's subject matter is something that has been done a million times,  however her take is extremely refreshing. Karen takes the old formula of portraits and mixes it up with a geometric twist. From what I've seen she segments the human body into shapes and for further detail each shape seems to be a different shade. Her work is very interesting to look at and it reminds me of Picasso's cube style, however her work is much more defined and specific and less abstract.  I really like Karen's work and I really look forward to seeing more stuff from her in the future. 

Bryan Carson must really love to swim...or he must wish he could. A large majority of his work centers around underwater scenery but a part of swimming that a lot of people over look, the point in which the water reflects off the skin. I love his pieces of the underwater swimmers and the water dancing around them. It's a truly mystical effect and he captures it very well. His work is very colorful and extremely  animated, I really enjoy looking at his stuff. 

Morgan Wilson's stuff is very sensual without being overtly gratuitous. Her color pallet is sometimes  unexpected and her subject matter is always explosive even in the most subtle ways. Her main objective seems to be to empower the female rather then explicitly flaunt them. Her art is equal parts sensuality and danger with a bit of color thrown in for good measure. To call her a pin up artist would be greatly underestimating her ability. I look forward to seeing more from her. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Johannah O'Donnell,Dennis Hansbury,Michael McGrath

I really like Johanna O'Donnel's work because it's a true feast for the eyes. The best way that I can describe her work is like technicolor cave paintings on acid. They are a comedic take on how modern culture perceives more primitive societies. Her pictures are a sardonic commentary on how  even though we can try to detach our self from technology and entertainment, these things are still part of our existence. These ideas are painted with such images as celebrities with kiss make up instead of war paint, and warriors with animal faces. These are just my interpretations, her work is very vibrant and multi layered and each picture is a visual treat not to mention her entire body of work.  

I like Dennis Hansbury's art because it's like a delicate sense of danger. Sure he does a lot of pictures of zombies, but his zombies are unlike most zombies that I've seen before. He displays the vulnerability of the human body.  Perhaps this vulnerability to his work comes from his soft pallet or perhaps its the sympathetic eyes. Even in his most grotesque works, the eyes are sympathetic, you could tell that zombie isn't exactly a monster more like a person in a horrible condition. all of his pictures have a beautiful aged look to them and they look like they were hidden treasures that the world has just unearthed. They say that a picture tells a thousand words, however with Dennis his works look like their hiding a world of secrets. 

From what I saw, Michael McGrath's work is best described as Disney on acid. I love all of his pieces, he makes cute and cuddly creatures that are twisted and demented. From what I've seen, one of my personal favorites is a picture of a three headed bear who is eating a jar of prescriptions. His work is twisted and creative and is just begging to become animated. I liked what I saw so far and if that was any indication of what his body of art is like then I look forward to seeing much more from him.