Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Today's Flart feature is an artist who is no stranger to the world of theater. Corey Volence is the mastermind behind the wildly successful, Songs in the Key of E. Not only was this show preformed in the Central Florida area within the Fringe festival, he took the show along with the cast to New York to wow audiences there as well. Key of E is a wildly original production about the end of the world, and paranoia. Not only is he an extremely talented playwright, he is also a fantastic actor. He was recently featured in a production of True West. If you loved Key of E, or you didn't get the chance to see it, you  can get the soundtrack on iTunes. He's just getting warmed up, his newest production opens soon, titled Realms of the Untold which is bound to be just as original as Key of E. Make sure you keep an eye on Corey's Productions, you won't be disappointed in the least.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brandon Wane

I met Brandon several years ago while working at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. He was an extremely eager and imaginative individual and let me know about his experiences with film making. I told him that I had an idea for a script and before I knew it he was gathering a team together to shoot it. He was one of the few people who actually took my kooky ideas seriously and not only that but he's an extremely hard worker.  His body of work is the by product of an hard working film maker who doesn't take no for an answer. He manages to accomplish what he sets his mind on with a smile and a soft voice, without making any one feel badly. Brandon is extremely inclusive and resourceful. He's like a one man army who pushes through a production until it's finished. He might recruit some assistance here or there, however if the production is short staffed, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. If you haven't seen any thing from Lo Pictures I highly suggest that you check them out. You won't be disappointed! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brick City Betties

Most of the time when one thinks about pin up girls they think of flashy vintage style pin up girl models. However, as of recently one activity of classic pin up girls seems be abandoned. This activity was raising moral and volunteering service during the nineteen forties, while their husbands and boyfriends were away at war. While most the current pin up models that I know maintain the classic style of the vintage models, volunteering seems to have been discarded and exchanged for the possibility to party. While this isn't the case with every single pin up model or group, from what little that I've seen superficially, it has. This isn't fault of the models themselves, it's merely a by product of society moving so far away from that vintage sensibility. Culture and time has changed so greatly that a pin up group which is about volunteering more then status seems almost unheard of. Fortunately, in the art deco vintage city of Ocala, Florida this sensibility is reemerging with the Brick City Betties. Ocala Florida, to the uninitiated, was the secondary Hollywood at one point. Whenever a tropical or exotic location was needed outside of California, Ocala was utilized. Such films as Rebel Without a Cause and Creature From the Black Lagoon were filmed in this part of the country. There's still a thumb print of the 1940s on the city of Ocala, which is the perfect backdrop for the Brick City Betties to thrive in. A group of gorgeous models who spend more of their time volunteering then doing photoshoots. Mind you this doesn't mean they don't pose for the occasional picture, although its not their priority.  The Brick City Betties are like lipstick clad super heroes who try to bring a classy mentality to a jaded age. Don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself. 
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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Electronic music is like a dime a dozen these days, there's a lot of it and unfortunately most of it sounds very similar. One Floridian artist who doesn't sound similar and stands out amidst the crowd is FRANKEXIT. He is extremely experimental DJ who has continues to work for various events. Aside from DJing, FRANKEXIT makes his own music. His compositions are very similar to acts like APHEX TWIN. In general his songs are multilayered and diverese. If this is all intriguing, then don't take my  limiting word for it,  check out his debut release What Keeps Me up, his debut album is now available on iTunes and Spotify.  This album leads off with the title track  about insomnia and random thoughts which is the perfect way to lead into the rest of the tracks on the album. If you like variety in your electronic music then check out FRANKEXIT on iTunes and Spotify.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bret Hoveskeland

Bret hasn't completed many books, but that's because he's one of those examples of the phrase that you can't rush greatness. He's a writer with a million vivid ideas brewing in his mind to such a vibrant state that when they finally erupt it's typically beyond anything you've seen before. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of his poetry book the Oxytocin Opera and I was absolutely blown away. He managed to write a book that feels like performance with a cohesive theme running through the entire piece. His table of contents is called a "set list" and the entire book is separated into two Acts. It's as though it's for an imaginary live performance about the tribulations of a relationship and the book turns the reader into the performer of the pieces. This kind of forward thinking and creativity is what sets Bret apart from most authors. If his other future works are anything like this one, then this individual has a longstanding, innovative career ahead of himself. 

Friday, April 24, 2015


Today's feature is an extremely prolific rapper by the name of EyeQ, he started off as simply a photographer for the Nerd music scene. I never knew anyone as passionate as Chris about the music and the scene, he introduced me to the music of MegaRan which I'm eternally grateful for. Wherever he goes he has a joy for life that can't be replicated, his energy is youthful and infectious. If you're in a room with EyeQ you will be dancing like it or not. His music is brilliant and his rhymes are extremely sharp without resorting to profanities. Since his transformation from photographer to rapper, he's performed sporadically around the country. From South by south west to Florida music Festival. The world patiently awaits for his first full length album to release, if everything he's released so far is any indication, EyeQ's debut will be amazing. This is one artist who's got a long music career ahead of him.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Evan Miga

Even though his face or his name may not be familiar, Evan is responsible for reinventing how one thinks about Fringe and local theater in general. A master of graphic design, Evan took an extremely imaginative concept to the stage and it has erupted into a movement. Evan is one of the masterminds behind Dog Powered Robot, a cartoon network calibre presentation featuring large cardboard robots which interact with and entertain an enamored audience. Evan has taken this concept and ran with it, some "robots" have appeared at schools and various concerts. Dog powered robot is the kind imaginative whimsy which is distinctly orlando. While the robots and sets are made out of cardboard, the production quality is extremely high enough to rival anything kids watch these days. There's actually word that DPR is heading to cable television eventually. With acts like this one it's easy to see that imagination is alive and well in Orlando Florida.