Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tom Thorspecken,Jason Fronczek, and Frank Beauchamp

Today's post starts with Tom Thorspecken, he's someone that every citizen of Orlando should know. He as much of a staple of Orlando as the theme parks and Lake Eola. Tom is a sketch artist, but the way he sketches with such detail truly draws the artist in. He captures moments in ways that memories or photographs can't. Next time that you're at an Orlando event look around, you might be getting immortalized in one of Tom's pictures and you don't even realize it. 

Jason Fronczek is an artist that in the brief time that we conversed he impressed me with his soft spoken wisdom. His photographs echo that same wisdom, you can tell that these pictures are coming from the eye that has seen a lot of things. Weather in stark black and white or full color his pictures all tell a meaningful story.

Frank Beauchamp is like the mad doctor of sound, the things that he comes up with are so musically intricate and bizarre but at the exact same time accessible and pleasant. This man is classically trained at piano and it shows, his techno music has life and a mind of its own. If you're looking for something good and different check out his stuff. 

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