Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Marc With a C

Diy artists have almost become a bit of a genre in of itself recently, one artist who seems to take that genre to the next level is Marc with a C. Marc has been making music independently for quite a while and has become a mainstay of the Orlando music scene, his following isn't merely due to his longevity, it's also attributed to his artistry. Even though his lyrical content may venture into the juvenile at times, it's always accompanied with a stunning display of Marc's musical prowess. Armed simply with an acoustic guitar, he manages to create a wall of sound whenever he preforms. His albums are no less incredible. Marc is vinyl aficionado carefully crafting each album in secrecy, mastered specifically for the medium. When he releases an album it becomes an event, each one topping the last one in style and creativity. With the numerous album that Marc releases, he is still incredibly humble. All of his albums are available for free on his band camp page, but with all of the effort that he puts into his albums, his merch becomes a must own for anyone who knows his music. If you love music and you haven't checked out Marc with a C, you are doing a great disservice e to yourself by not knowing this talented gentleman. I suggest that you check him out, you won't be disappointed. 

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