Friday, September 30, 2011

Kristan Bright, Mark Castle, Tod Caviness

I saw Kristan Bright preform at Jeremy Gloff's artist showcase and she connected with the entire audience. Her songs were stories of love lost or unrealized. As soon as she got off the stage the fist thing I told her was that she was extremely endearing as a musician and nothing could be truer, her music is very similar to to that of Fiona Apple or Jewel however she isn't a carbon copy her music has a very specific genuine  identity that glows in this modern day filled with cynicism.  She has a humble stage presence and performance, she's truly an artist to keep an eye on. 

Mark Castle is truly a rare breed,  a serious musician that doesn't take himself seriously. When I watched him I couldn't help but to tap my toe and grin from ear to ear. His music reminds me of Miss Kitten or Fischerspooner, but attempting to compare him to these other artists would be a severe disservice to Mr. Castle. His music is fun and danceable and sometimes dark with sarcastic lyrics and Mark's dry delivery. Recently he's come out with some very unique covers that are entertaining and very unexpected. 

Todd Caviness is truly an Orlando treasure, I knew that the minute I heard his spoken word piece entitled SWAMP (which was purely a love letter to Orlando art). His writing style is like vocal painting creating images on our mind, some that make us laugh and some that make us cringe.  His delivery is friendly and very matter of fact which invites us into his world and his colorful imagination. I've seen him preforming his pieces several times before and each time it's like I'm hearing him for the first time. He never comes off as redundant or monotonous. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Caviness in the further.  

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