Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patrick Fatica, Scott Scheidly,Brett J Barr

First artist that I want to discuss is Patrick Fatica. He's an artist that has some very compelling works. His art is a marriage of darkness and saccharine sweetness. He reminds me of Mark Rydan but he truly has his own personality. All of his pieces look like candy with their glossy complexion and shine. He tends to focus on women but he exaggerates the features that we are typically drawn toward to create an unnerving look. Even in their beauty and delicate appearance, they tend to look menacing and unappreciable. There was a song that I heard once that stated that the female of the creatures is more deadlier then the male and I truly feel as though these pieces define that statement. Patrick's pieces are easy on the eyes its quite easy to get mesmerized in them. 

Scott Scheidly Is a very interesting artist, I don't know him personally but he feels like a rock star. All of his pictures are like amazing rock socks that immediately get your attention. All of the pictures are outlandish and in your face, even though most of the environments are similar the world he creates is very surreal. (note the noseless beauties and the giant killer plants) His art is just begging to be an album cover or a crazy music video. His art is screaming to be noticed and fully deserves the attention. 

Brett J Barr is an artist that I met some time ago at Peacock Room and he was a really cool guy. I met Brett through a friend while discussing tattoo art. I was soon introduced to his art and was extremely pleased with his level of detail on his pieces. The above gear has quite some amazing depth  to it and it gives the illusion that it's actually real. This is something that Brett has a knack for, duplicating reality in tattoo form. I went through his pictures of tattoos and all of them seem to be consistent in their stunning detail.  I'm looking forward to getting a tattoo from him eventually. 

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