Monday, October 31, 2011

Johannah O'Donnell,Dennis Hansbury,Michael McGrath

I really like Johanna O'Donnel's work because it's a true feast for the eyes. The best way that I can describe her work is like technicolor cave paintings on acid. They are a comedic take on how modern culture perceives more primitive societies. Her pictures are a sardonic commentary on how  even though we can try to detach our self from technology and entertainment, these things are still part of our existence. These ideas are painted with such images as celebrities with kiss make up instead of war paint, and warriors with animal faces. These are just my interpretations, her work is very vibrant and multi layered and each picture is a visual treat not to mention her entire body of work.  

I like Dennis Hansbury's art because it's like a delicate sense of danger. Sure he does a lot of pictures of zombies, but his zombies are unlike most zombies that I've seen before. He displays the vulnerability of the human body.  Perhaps this vulnerability to his work comes from his soft pallet or perhaps its the sympathetic eyes. Even in his most grotesque works, the eyes are sympathetic, you could tell that zombie isn't exactly a monster more like a person in a horrible condition. all of his pictures have a beautiful aged look to them and they look like they were hidden treasures that the world has just unearthed. They say that a picture tells a thousand words, however with Dennis his works look like their hiding a world of secrets. 

From what I saw, Michael McGrath's work is best described as Disney on acid. I love all of his pieces, he makes cute and cuddly creatures that are twisted and demented. From what I've seen, one of my personal favorites is a picture of a three headed bear who is eating a jar of prescriptions. His work is twisted and creative and is just begging to become animated. I liked what I saw so far and if that was any indication of what his body of art is like then I look forward to seeing much more from him. 

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  1. I don't know who you are yet but I wanted to thank you for your kind words.

    Don't worry, there will be less zombies in 2012!