Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Karen Russell Bryan Carson Morgan Wilson

One of the reasons why I like different kinds of art so much, is because each artist perceives the world differently then the next one. Karen Russell's subject matter is something that has been done a million times,  however her take is extremely refreshing. Karen takes the old formula of portraits and mixes it up with a geometric twist. From what I've seen she segments the human body into shapes and for further detail each shape seems to be a different shade. Her work is very interesting to look at and it reminds me of Picasso's cube style, however her work is much more defined and specific and less abstract.  I really like Karen's work and I really look forward to seeing more stuff from her in the future. 

Bryan Carson must really love to swim...or he must wish he could. A large majority of his work centers around underwater scenery but a part of swimming that a lot of people over look, the point in which the water reflects off the skin. I love his pieces of the underwater swimmers and the water dancing around them. It's a truly mystical effect and he captures it very well. His work is very colorful and extremely  animated, I really enjoy looking at his stuff. 

Morgan Wilson's stuff is very sensual without being overtly gratuitous. Her color pallet is sometimes  unexpected and her subject matter is always explosive even in the most subtle ways. Her main objective seems to be to empower the female rather then explicitly flaunt them. Her art is equal parts sensuality and danger with a bit of color thrown in for good measure. To call her a pin up artist would be greatly underestimating her ability. I look forward to seeing more from her. 

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