Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nannette Cherry, Cake,Rebecca Rose

You are not tripping, or are you? Nannette's work is distorted reality at it's best. As I was going through her pictures I began to question my own sanity. Her pictures are amazing, she takes normal human faces and distorts and twists them until the human is no longer present. She has a knack for making us humans look alien and all reality is she distorting the human form or simply bringing out the true nature? I adore Nannette's work, as long as there are people in the world then there will be art for Nannette to create. 

If you've live in Orlando for at least 3 years it would be nearly impossible for you not to run into Cake. However you might not even realize it. Cake is a rock star in the Orlando art scene, not only does his art have a nice glossy look with a stark contrast of something grotesque, but he also makes quite a presence in person. Even though I have yet to meet this man in person His classy appearance is hard to miss.  What I love about Cake's art is that it's always a surprise. I consider it calculated chaos, if you haven't looked at his  art yet I highly recommend that you do so. 

When I'm painting I'm rough and sometimes I just don't care, if colors bleed or run that's just how I am. So to be honest I really have to hand it to Rebecca Rose for having nerves of steel. She crafts some of the most intricate rings that I've ever seen. How she does it, I'm not entirely sure. Each ring has a personality and immense detail. You don't have to be a jewelry fanatic to appreciate her rings. She has such rings as a full on miniature wedding cake complete with bride and groom,  one that was a full on city skyline complete with King Kong, I could go on and on but my descriptions don't do it justice I recommend that you take a look at her rings. You'll be impressed.  

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