Friday, April 24, 2015


Today's feature is an extremely prolific rapper by the name of EyeQ, he started off as simply a photographer for the Nerd music scene. I never knew anyone as passionate as Chris about the music and the scene, he introduced me to the music of MegaRan which I'm eternally grateful for. Wherever he goes he has a joy for life that can't be replicated, his energy is youthful and infectious. If you're in a room with EyeQ you will be dancing like it or not. His music is brilliant and his rhymes are extremely sharp without resorting to profanities. Since his transformation from photographer to rapper, he's performed sporadically around the country. From South by south west to Florida music Festival. The world patiently awaits for his first full length album to release, if everything he's released so far is any indication, EyeQ's debut will be amazing. This is one artist who's got a long music career ahead of him.

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